Recovery Ward

Well, it's Monday morning. I thought I would give a quick update. I took a TON of video and I'm working hard to get that processed. It's good stuff.

Sunday around noon we were in a huge line at airport security. We missed our plane by 20 seconds. Or rather, 20 seconds earlier they booked on four standbys in our seats. The plane didn't take off for another 15 minutes. Then three hours of waiting for the next flight. We drew straws, and I drew last on board. And indeed, three seats opened and so Renn, Sarah and Joseph boarded.

I was left alone. Sniff.

Details: we had burgers and fries. My last meal before boarding in the evening was a greek Gyro pita. I love those things. I pulled a back muscle on Saturday. It's way worse than I thought, but I'm on the mend. Renn and I were playing Magic again at the restaurant.

(Janene took another flight earlier, thus only four remaining).

After missing the first flight I said some things that I really didn't mean. How we were never coming back to Adepticon-- too expensive, travel is a pain-in-the-patella. Oh, Adepticon, I can't stay mad at you.

All told, I was eleven hours at the airport. But at long last, and thankfully I got on an evening flight. The weather had by then turned south, so it was an hour on the tarmac getting de-iced. But around midnight on Sunday I finally got home, and thankfully, to the loving and warm arms of my snuggly family.

My wife tended to my back while we watched some General Conference. Then to the warm and dark abyss of unconsciousness.


It's go time! I am plowing through. I am currently setting up projects for late April (best to get started now) and for May.

Would you like something done? I am at your service!



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