Tidal Wave

Picture: an Arvus Lighter (published by Forge World) I saw at Adepticon (we didn't do this one).

I awoke at 2am this morning. I spent a few hours catching up on emails. I was at the studio by myself today-- all the regulars were off duty. It was like a ghost town. Tomorrow is going to be a storm of activity starting in the AM, though, a virtual town parade.

I have ONE (one) slot left for the ATT special, so if you're thinking about it, it's time to quit your hemming and hawing.

I still have a few open slots for the end of April. I am ready whenever you are.

If you are ever in Provo, Utah, be sure to swing by the BYU creamery which is an old time soda fountain burger joint slash grocery store. The stuff in there is local, the ice cream is high octane fresh churned. And I ate a burger that was the best ever. I mean ehever. The meat was juicy and crusty and imperfect and just salty enough on a fluffy yellowish bun with fresh fixins.

I am about to watch 30 Rock with my delightsome wife and then hit the hay.



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