Adepticon- Friday

Day two out of four. Friday is one of the two meatiest days of Adepticon.

The main hall is a frenzy, many hundreds of games going on at the same time. I think there were in excess of 800 attendees this year.

The day began at the break of dawn. I had expected to sleep in, but even the luxurious hotel beds were not the match of my beloved couch at home, and so with sledg-hammered back I arose to prepare myself. I had a breakfast of instant oatmeal, made with hot water from the coffee maker.

I found that both Joseph and Renn had arisen early as well. And Sarah had been up even earlier, and to the pool to boot! We got a few figures out on our modest table , including the Oceanic Eldar.

The Adepticon main hall was packed to the gills for the Gladiator, which is the main tournament played in teams of four. As usual, about 80% 40K and 20% Fantasy. If you look at the armies a much higher percent of the Warhammer Fantasy armies are painted to the highest standard. We took a TON of pictures, but I forgot to bring a USB cord so I can’t download them, I’m going to try and find one Saturday.

We spent the bulk of the day just looking at armies and shooting the bull with the various people coming by for a visit.

Numerous other various items forthcoming on video.

In the evening, we went for a swim, hot tub, sauna. Ah, and a movie. We watched Push. The reviews were terrible, but I think it’s definitely worth watching.



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