Vision of an Orb of Flame

In the bright and clear hours of the morning I awoke to the vision of my next army.

I've not said anything (since it reflects poorly on a miniatures studio owner), but I've been in a bit of an army creation wasteland. Normally I have two or three burning desires for armies. Lots of different ideas cooking.

The other aspect to this is that I don't play as much as I'd like. I have a new goal to get in one or two games every week. Play more with the armies I have rather than just always building new ones.

Anyway, it's time for a Daemon army. At Adepticon I saw this winged daemon model (I think I did a post about it a few weeks back) and thought "I need to make a whole army based around this one figure, it is soooo cool!"

As usual, it's hard to describe what I see in my head, and I guess you'll need to be surprised. Tripods of flesh and metal with a glowing, flaming orb floating over the center. Beautiful women as one-winged seraphs, cyclopean pillars of fire with grasping masses of tendrils. And so forth.



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