Warriors of Chaos Raw Materials

I have been taking stock at the studio and I have various bins full of goodies; unpainted figures mostly new in box/sprue. Warriors of Chaos, Lord of the Rings, Space Marines, and Bretonnians are the principle actors.
If you are interested in commissioning at least half of the Warriors of Chaos (pretty sure at least enough here for two armies) you get the materials at half off. Total retail value here is $626.
Unit Name QTY
Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (2008 release) 2
Harry the Hammer Limited Edition 1
Lord of Nurgle on steed 2
Lord of Tzeentch on disc 1
Nurgle Chaos Sorceror (2008 release) 1
Wulfrik the Wanderer (2008 release) 1
Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut (2008 release) 1
Warriors of Chaos (12 models) 2
Marauder of Chaos 76
Chaos Warhounds (10 models) 3
Marauder Horsemen (5 models) 2
Chaos Knights (5 models) 2
If this were my army I would put the Harry the Hammer on foot and use the extra basework parts as embellishments on the chaos knight bases.



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