One Fine Day in the Emerald City

The day started early, at 6:30am. I managed to keep up on emails and reduce the net down to 49 yesterday, and today again down to 25. But not to zero as I had hoped. Still plugging along.

I am currently booking projects for painting in mid-May (need to get a head start to account for acquisition of models and assembly). I've had a few people ask me if they can send in their models (already bought and assembled) for just painting and the answer is YES, definitely yes.

It was a flurry of activity as the Machine hums to full bore again, projects coming in and out in an intricate dance. We are nearly done with a Death Korp of Krieg army; that looks so good. We also have an Eldar Yme Loc craftworld force done and ready for digital photography on Friday.

On Friday I'm going to be playing a game of Warhammer Fantasy with Sarah (her first game) using the studio Lizardmen (which she painted- and are for sale- details forthcoming). We'll probably just do a 1000 point game. Vids and commentary coming on that. I'll be playing Dark Elves of course.

I am processing a Morning Show that we did before I left for Oregon. I hope to have the enormous amount of Oregon footage processed in about a week, not that it is of great interest to anyone.

My seven-year old son sprained his ankle today. I think that he A) likes his crutches, and B) liked getting out of school.

In other news, my wife has lost her voice. I could make all sorts of jokes, but I shall refrain. It's tough for her to get the kids organized, and doubly so since I'm staying late nearly every night this week. I am hoping to take her out somewhere nice this Friday.



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