Back in the Shire

Coming back to the studio was like slipping into a warm coat on a wintery day, fresh from the dryer.

I came in to find Sarah, Joseph and Renn gathered round doing their various duties and chatting animatedly. Sarah commented that the studio ran remarkably smooth in my absence; everyone knows their duty and when to show up. That was nice to hear.

I have doven in headfirst. I have 74 emails in my inbox (after clearing out the detritus), which is a super-high amount. I plan on having that cleared out by tomorrow. I am prioritizing inquiries. Getting new projects set up is the top issue, so by all means don't hold off on that.

I repeat: don't hold off just because I am on my heels. This will all be caught up by tomorrow afternoon.

For those interested in details, we arrived in Salt Lake City this morning at about 1am. We had hoped to arrive before midnight, but made a wrong turn earlier in the Oregon outback. In the past I joked about White City being the armpit of Oregon, but now I have been to Aber, the Anus of Oregon. I'll be suing the county for the cost of grief counselling on account of having failed to properly warned travellers away.

"Joked" is the key word here. All of these places, of course, have their own beauty. So, chuckle (knowingly if you live there) which is the appropriate response to my regional ribbing.
Note: Denio, does not have a gas station any more. So be careful to have enough gas to get from Winnemucca to Lakeview or vice versa. We were lucky, but I would hazard to say other travellers have been caught there.

To be home, and take a nap on my beloved couch, catch up on some Daily Show, eat a hot breakfast, and take a hot shower (in a bathroom rife with micro-civilizations grown from my own body's flakage) is like slipping into a familiar coccoon.
I found the studio in good order this afternoon. Everything billed, lined up and projects ready to go.



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