Vrock Demon from Ultraforge

I got to see this miniature in person at Adepticon. It was about to be painted by my good colleague Tim McCowan. I must say I was very impressed. It has a lot of detail and is worthy of being a centerpiece of any collection.

Here is the text about the figure from the Ultraforge Site.

The original Vrock was sculpted by Jeremy of Ultraforge. We can proudly say that every bit of this miniature has been sculpted with the closest attention to detail and we are very proud of the results.

The Vrock Resin Kit comes un-assembled and un-painted. Each of the 5 pieces included in this kit (two arms, one body, one head and one staff) are cast from a very high quality gray resin. This miniature stands approx. 6 inches in height when assembled and is most suited for 30mm wargames.

Our professional casting house is among the best in the world and we are confident you will be fully satisfied with the quality of your purchase. Please be aware that while every effort is taken to create a flawless miniature no casting method is perfect and slight imperfections occasionally occur. These imperfections are nearly unnoticeable and can be easily removed or filled during assembly.

If you order a Vrock then congratulations for being one the first to receive our latest and greatest mini. Happy painting!



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