Stomach... Turning

I watched this video this morning. It's a plea from Tim Pawlenty the governor of Minnesota for the Federal Government to control spending.

This seems to be similar to what I hear coming from the Republican side generally. I'm glad to hear it.

Where were you guys the last eight years?

All of a sudden they're getting to their roots.

You guys had your chance. You had the reins and you didn't limit government, you did an end run around the people by printing money (you'll notice that he mentioned taxes and borrowing, but not printing). You spent outside your means.

Republicans have lost the moral high ground on this issue. I don't trust them.

I just hope the American public doesn't forget that BOTH parties are untrustworthy by the time of the mid-term elections.

I am supporting any candidate that will support the Constitution closely and who will be the faithful guardian of the purse strings. I just want one thing: live within your means. Tax more if you have to (at least then we'll feel it and it will be honest*), but don't do an end run around the taxpayer by borrowing (on interest) or printing money (which causes inflation).

I am hopeful. I do not want to tear something down. I want to build something up.

*I believe if people were taxed more directly, and actually felt the pain directly from all this government spending, then it would come to a halt in a jiffy. The fact is that the common man simply does not understand how he is getting robbed discretely (example: through the devaluation of the dollar by the increase of the money supply). It's not a small amount. It's taking away a full third of your life. Taking... away... your... life.
PS- as a business owner I get to see a small part of the inside story of how the government fleeces the sheep. And fleeces them hard, to the tune of "you could have a fat retirement egg from the money they are taking from you and mis-spending".



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