Trade In Program Update

I'm starting a new program. I'm running it through through May at least. I'm unlikely to discontinue it. I'm offering credit in trade for models.

You can usually get a much better deal going to the secondary market (local shop, ebay) on your own. If you want to trade in, we need a list with retail values and condition (eg new in box, new on sprue, assembled, primed). The rates below are a multiplier. If the entry says 0.30 it means you would get $30 for $100 worth of retail items. Just take the retail total and multiply it by the number.

The advantage of trading in with us is that you are likely to be able to unload disparate items without a lot of hassle (finding various buyers, setting up payment).

In the past I have only allowed for half or less of a project to be paid in credit this way. But for the time being I am lifting that restriction. I just know there's someone who goes out to their garage, surveys the mass of unpainted models, sighs then turns out the light. This program will hopefully allow someone with the "white primer horde" to finally show up with a painted army.

We do not need or want painted figures.

If you want to trade-in figures, but don't have a project ready, that's OK, I will confirm your total and then you will have it on tap for when you want to use it.

This trade-in is recorded as a payment on your project. It is non-refundable except at our discretion (eg you can’t refuse the project and then get your trade-in amount refunded as cash). Trade-in can ONLY be applied to assembly and painting, not to the cost of models.

Generally, we only need in-print models that are currently in production.

These rates and conditions may change so it is recommended to check in every once in a while. I am likely to update the numbers about once a month. The plan right now is to update every first of the month. Fairness is the guiding principle.

Forge World 0.45
Assault on Black Reach Models (we don't need these) 0.00

Chaos Space Marines 0.22
Daemonhunters 0.17
Daemons of Chaos 0.32
Eldar 0.22
Imperial Guard 0.24
Necrons 0.20
Orks 0.22
Space Marines 0.31
Tau 0.28
Tyranids 0.29
Witch Hunters 0.17

Lizardmen 0.32
Dark Elves 0.25
Warriors of Chaos 0.27
Other Warhammer Fantasy 0.20

Hordes 0.24
War Machine 0.22
Battlefleet Gothic 0.11
Lord of the Rings 0.17



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