A Trillion Suns

Picture: this is a shot from my beloved Litha Park in Ashland Oregon. Do you see the deer in there?

I'd like to just barf out some random thoughts and musings.

When I look up at the night sky I see innumerable worlds inhabited by celestialized humans, trillions upon trillions of them. Paradaisical planets. I am extremely optimistic about the future. Our world is only dark temporarily, and even that is part of a wondrous process.

I've been on a political journey, which some have been following the last eighteen months. In the last few months, this has become about economics, and not so much about politics. The two are intertwined of course. I think that the solution lay in economic policy, and that as a people (perhaps worldwide) there are certain things that are accepted which are not right (eg fractional reserve banking). These things take away the freedom of man.

I feel inclined to give a positive word tonight. Perhaps someone is thinking about throwing life away. It is natural to lose hope on occasion. I say to you directly and clearly: things will get better. Great things are in store for you. Keep your chin up and see through the dark night. I assure you that even adversity is part of God's great Plan. As the offspring of the Almighty (your spirit's genetic code is the same as God Himself) you have a divine connection with Him, and a right to have communication. But be patient.

The cosmos is immensely complex and beautiful. The human soul has to be brought forward incrementally by stages. It is not wise to give too much to a soul that is not ready. Step by step. I don't think I know very much. I need to prepare myself for the next phase.

I am eating more healthy. We are part of a co op with local farmers and producers, and we picked up a whole ton of great natural local food today. I am making some incremental changes to my diet. Nothing drastic. I don't want the vow that binds too tightly to break itself. So, I'm getting rid of soda first, and cutting consumption of "treats" in half. Also, when I'm feeling peckish I have some water first. Sarah has been a good influence on me in this regard.

Tamie and I went to a Home Show tonight. We are broke, of course, but it was fun to get ideas and make some plans. And it was great to get away again together.



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