Hero of the Imperium

This is a limited offer; two slots.

You get a $4,000 credit (yes, four thousand) to be used for painted/finished figures for $2400.

Once you pay, the credit becomes available by by degree each month, starting with the first day after you pay, at the rate of minimum $1000 per month.
It's the ultimate bulk deal.
I personally guarantee to uphold my end of the bargain. I give you my word to act in good faith. No shenanigans.
This is first come, first-served. Please contact me via email at bluetablepainting@gmail.com if interested.

  • You get free shipping for your projects.
  • You get two shots of free shipping for Forge World stuff (we will cover for shipping, but you cover models).

Multiple people can get together for one of these, but there needs to be a spokesperson. The other people can get credited whatever the agreed amount is, but I need to deal with just one person. So, if Fred Jones is the spokesperson for the group, he passes along Instructions and sets things up by proxy, and tells me shipping addresses. However, if Fred skips town, other people involved retain their credits as long as this is A) set up beforehand (ie it's agreed who gets what and when), and B) they contact me before the models are shipped. Best to just make sure Fred is someone of impeccable character.

For example: a consortium of four people could go in at $600 each and each get a $1000 credit. It is disbursed at the same rate as for a single person.

There are a few conditions. The credit is can be used for materials (ie the models/kits) but those need to be assembled and painted by BTP as part of the deal (ie you can't just have us mail you kits). Some miniatures lines are not available through this deal (eg Forge World).

If you are dis-satisfied in any way, you agree to notify us and let us make reasonable amends. This deal is subject to our normal Terms of Service in our service guide.

The normal discounts for materials are not cumulative with this credit. You pay 100%. BUT (for those that are doing the math) you get an even better discount of effectively 40% off on your materials (because you paid 60 cents on the dollar for your credit). In other words you will be getting $100 worth of kit for every $60 you paid. This same rationale holds true for armies that we put up for sale at a rate lower than we would normally charge.

You can also send your own models to be painted. You don't need to get them through BTP.

The credit can only be used for commonly available materials (for example: not Forge World).
This special is the best deal offered to date. It is not cumulative with other specials. Exceptions: L2, Tank Factory, and Artistic License (those specials are cumulative with this one). Other specials/deals or whatever work with this one only at BTP's discretion.

BTP can reasonably clarify or amend unclear areas of the deal. There are always little gremlins that get in works. We both agree to be reasonable.
Shawn Gately
PS- I almost called this the "Army of the Month" special!



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