Friday February 8 2008

Picture: one of my favorite Lizardmen color schemes; an oldie but goodie from BTP! See the others.

I played a game this morning with a friend of mine.

The following projects are currently under the brush and should be done in the next seven days:

  • Tzeentch 01 JS
  • Necrons 01 TA
  • Witch Hunters 01 JD
  • Amazons! GT rush
  • Empire 05 JM
  • Emperors Children 03
  • Daemonhunters 01 BC
  • Imperial Guard 02 RF
  • Eldar 01 TB fixes (magnets are in!)
  • Urban Tau 01 AF
  • Menoth 01 JR
  • Fantasy Figures 02 PM fixes
  • Vampire Counts 01 JC
  • Dwarfs 01 AS

I went up to the local game shop with my kids tonight and picked up Dark Heresy. Good grief, that system is insanely complicated. Good grief, I mean come on. It reminds me a bit of Traveller. Anyone remember that one. It's already out of print. Just a few copies floating around. You can still get them on eBay.

Oh, and the following projects are in Assembly and should be done in the next five days:

  • Road Warrior Orcs Prep
  • Tyranids 01 RK bf
  • Orcs 01 JE
  • Deathskullz 01 PM need squig
  • Dwarfs 01 KO
  • Fantasy Figures 02 SJ
  • Biel Tan 01 AS
  • Bretonnians 01 JE
  • Cygnar 01 CG



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