Monday February 18 2008

Picture: a Tau battlesuit. See the rest here.

I was up at 2:30am this morning, and couldn't get back to sleep, so I caught up on Scrubs and got to work on the ole inbox. I went back to sleep at about 4:30am and slept until the family started stirring about 8:00am. I hurried down the studio where I left my car over the weekend. Icicles had formed on the underside, and were so long as to reach the ground like frozen pillars.

The winter is long and bitter. I've never longed for summer before.

The following projects were finished today, and pics are up:

  • Tau 04 TO (we're very pleased with how this turned out, it's L3 work if you like that style we'd be thrilled to do a whole army like that.
  • Imperial Guard 03 RF
  • Dwarfs 03 KO

Mike and Joseph were in so that Joseph could download key knowledge as they worked elbow to elbow. Joseph is leaving next week and I am very sad. Jokingly, I curse him out and tell him what a bastage he is. So, we need to be sure that someone else has all the artist's notes and techniques to be sure that projects have continuity. This is the secret circle of art around here.

Joseph really added a lot to the crew. He practically invented a new style of painting in these last few months. have a SINGLE slot for the March 4-11 painting cycle. Does anyone want it? After that the calendar is open. I am short on projects currently.

When I finally slogged home at 7pm, we had Family Home Evening: a lesson on "free agency" and then watching a Spongebob movie together.

Me so tie-red.

PS- I'm adding this two hours later. My wife and I fell asleep during Sponge Bob, leaving our two year old to run the house. He pulled two dozen eggs out of the fridge and plastered his room with them. I wonder how long that was percolating in his little baby brain.



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