Saturday, February 2 2008

Picture: a Nephilim from Privateer Press. See the other figures. I never get tired of this model. I own one!

Today was hectic, like every day it seems this week. It was insane.

I am currently booking projects for March.

Last night I headed up to Salt Lake for a nephew's "court of honor" where he was given the rank of Eagle Scout. That was really something. One of the speakers brought a real eagle and that blew little Griffin's mind. All our local family is just outstanding. Tamie and the older kids stayed up there with her sister and I headed back home with Griffin where I put him in his own little bed. Once I put on the little rain forest noisemaker he passed out in like 0.5 seconds.

Today we had a huge Paint Fest at my house with like six artists. It was a blast. I plan on doing another one in about three weeks. I didn't get much done. I was working on a Blood Bowl Amazon team for a friend and some Sentinels for the studio Guard army. Those are all part way done. I hardly got anything accomplished. In fact, I even petered out on the taping of the show. Ah, well, next time we'll do it longer and better. Likely it will be held on February 23.

As usual, we're working on about twenty projects. There are a couple of projects in digital photography that I wasn't able to get to this weekend like I hoped (Ultramarines and Tyranids).

Tonight I headed back up to Salt Lake for a farewell to my brother-in-law who is being deployed to Kuwait for fourteen months. That's pretty rough on his family, but we're here to shore up.

PS- Angela turned me on to a new singer called Mika. So far, I like it. Here's a sample.



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