Props for L2 Skaven

Hey Shawn - just a quick note - thanks for all of the work on my Skaven army. The miniatures were extremely well-packed and you have been great about communicating - It seems like you treated my figures as well as you would have treated your own and I really appreciate that.

To be honest, when I first unpacked my miniatures, I wasn't that excited by them, but I took them to the hobby store this week to play a game and I have to say, once they were all ranked up and together, they really do look very good (props to Patrick) - I received many comments from others who were equally impressed as well (I provided suitable plugs for your studio and reminded myself and everyone that as good as my guys look, this only represented your level 2 work).

Bottom-line - this is just what I wanted - turning a huge collection of unpainted and primered models into a nice looking army I can go play with. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the experience, and I'm looking forward to having you do my next army as well (dark Elves in August), or even a smaller project sooner, if one comes to mind.

Thanks again. - Todd



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