Tau "Thunderbolt from the Heavens" Army List and Tactics

Here's an interesting list for Tau. I think this would be very flexible and fun to play. Thanks go to a BTP client for this one:

2x 12 fire warriors with pulse carbines (24 total.)

1 crisis suit commander, positional relay and twin linked missile pods, body guard with 2 crisis suits with targeting aray and twin linked missile pods.

3xsquads of 3 crisis suits with targeting aray and twin linked missile pods

Commander farsight with 7 crisis suit body guard (each with twin linked plasma rifle and shield generator.)

3 broad sides with smart missile system and targeting aray, shas'vre with target lock, shield drones, and blacksun filter.

Army deploys with broadsides claiming a good lain of fire, the fire warriors taking up defensive positions around the broad sides, and the 3 man crisis suit commander and body guard hiding behind something.

Turn one, broad sides pick off up to 2 targets with divided fire. Fire warriors keep their heads down, commander and company fire 6 twin linked missiles at whatever the broadsides didn't kill. They use their move to get in line of sight for their target, then use their jump jet move to get back behind cover.

turn 2, repete, accept that now Farsight's unit comes in on a 2 up deep striking and unleashes 2 bs 5 plasma shots and the rest of the unit gets off 14 twin linked plasma rifle shots if they can do so within 12 inches.) Pretty much, what ever they shoot at dies.

Turn three, farsight moves to start exterminating units, broadsides continue to plug armor and big infintry, missile pod commander continues to snipe, in addition the three units of 3 each crisis suits all come in on a 3+ from deep strike (unleashing 18 twin linked str 7 bs 4 ap 4 shots at range 36.)

Continue shooting (the crisis suits using hit/run or pop up from around tarain to avoid return fire) until there's nothing left of the enemy.

Fire warriors can pin with their carbines, or use them to pick off smaller units before charging them to chump block the broad sides.

Editor's Note: This army would cost about $1100 to do from A-Z appearing on your doorstep magically in about thirty days. If you did it at L2, it would be more like $900.

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Sidestreaker said...

I'm looking forward to my Tau Megaforce to arrive and devising some strategy to plan out my purchase.

Hope to see more Tau stuff in the future. By the way, love the blue chrome tau mech!


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