Thursday February 27 2008

Picture: Empire Captain on a Griffon. This army was done with Artistic License with a L3/5 split (L3 for everything except L5 for heroes). The Painter chose to do the models in Nuln color scheme.
See the assembled host.
Hear the army details.

Today I was up again at 5am. Wide awake and worried. I got an email from a client asking if I ever went to sleep. Usually quite well, just some extra stress recently.

I stayed home this morning with Griffin while my wife ran errands. Then I headed up to Provo for some business plus translating at the MTC. I'm actually getting better. It is very hard to listen and speak at the same time, and keep up with a very fast talker.

Then back to the studio for a few hours this evening. Nothing to report. Other than documenting the huge-normous Empire Nuln army.



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