Tuesday, February 5 2008

Picture: an Imperial Guard Sentinel, ready for action. This is what I painted for Paint Fest January 2008. And yes I'm proud of them.
Hear my expert testimony.
See them closely.
Buy them.

As I write this I'm eating a chocolate chip cookie, drinking a glass of ice cold milk and watching Scrubs with my sweetheart.

First thing I did this morning was head to the polls and cast my vote.

Today at the studio was insane. At one point there were like eight people all crowded in. It was great. There is a great Esprit de Corps. I got to help a rookie with a Tau army, and that turned out very well.

The following projects are going under the brush this week:
Tzeentch 01 JS
Necrons 01 TA
Witch Hunters 01 JD (bitz order shorted one Exorcist-- working on it)
Amazons! GT rush (sorry, I really wanted to get them done in three days)
Empire 05 JM (please contact me- I have a question)
Road Warrior Orcs 01 RT (some delays with move trays)
Daemonhunters 01 BC
Imperial Guard 02 RF
Lord of the Rings 01 GM
Vampire Counts 01 JC
Menoth 01 JR (turning out very well, a bit different than the original idea, though)
Fantasy Figures 02 PM fixes
Dwarfs 01 AS
Eldar 01 TB fixes (needs magnetization of dowels)

Aaaand what about last week? It was chock full of HUGE projects.
High Elves 03 DL (finishing up then working on the display board tomorrow)
Orks 01 MP (waiting on paaaaaayment)
Ultramarines 01 JD (due in by Thursday)
Urban Tau 01 AF (delayed a week for some extra attention)
Skaven 01 TB (underway)

As usual, if you don't see your project, and you're wondering what's going on, by all means contact me.

What's on my mind? The last thing I thought I would ever be thinking about: Imperial Guard. I got those Sentinels up and running and I just want to play a game. It's been too long. I think Ren is working on some Guard, too. I think he might need a good smack-down. He brought them in today for me to do a little interview, but we didn't have time (did I mention it was insane-- it was like a ten hour sprint, eat your lunch with one hand and type with the other type of crazy).

I'm expecting some of the Orks in tomorrow from assembly and that means that I can start in on them. I've settled on Goffs, though I will probably include more red.

Tau 01 AF- We took the project in a slightly different direction by adding battle damage and weathering. I think it looks good. I'm stoked.

I am shutting down the terrain room for six weeks. I don't think that affects anything.



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