Wednesday February 20 2008

Picture: Ultramarines Assault Squads. L3. This is part of an entire company we're painting for a client. He does about two or three units a month. There is no reason that anyone who can afford this hobby at all can't get an army painted at least once a year. I mean, how many guys to you know with three armies in the garage still in boxes, but still come to the game shop with "the horde from white primer mountain." Another funny one is the guy that's too almighty to have someone else paint his figures, but month after month they show up with an army with just one single unit painted to a glorious standard. Of course, naturally I don't like that guy!!!

Anyway, I got up bright and early this morning. We have pulled our daughter out of public school and now have a tutor coming to help her while we sort things out. She is greatly relieved.

This week, and for the next few weeks, I have pairs of old and new painters rotating through the studio so that there will be a transfer of knowledge. It's really a wondrous thing. I'm still learning new things. I mean, Joseph practically re-invented miniature painting... or at least he hybridized two very different techniques.

The following projects are under the brush as of this week and are due to be completed in the next 5-10 days (a few of the larger ones might take up to 14 days from today).

  • Bretonnians 01 JE

  • Empire 01 RH

  • Witch Hunters 01 RH

  • Road Warrior Orcs 01 RT

  • Skaven and Guard 01 TL (might be up to 14 days)

  • Biel Tan 02 AS (almost done)

  • War Machine 01 JB

The following projects are in Assembly this cycle:

  • Tzeentch 02 JS bf

  • Ice Nids 01 JA

  • Chaos Flyers 01 FC ni

  • Tyranids 04 JC

  • Menoth 12 GQ

  • Eldar 01 GS

I am hoping to get in the following projects really soon. If this is your project I'd love to hear from you!

  • Vampires 02 DF

  • Valhallans 01 VF er

  • Hordes 05 JL bf

  • Fictional Reality 03 MT er

I'm hoping to catch them up for next week's painting cycle.

What else? We're all gearing up for the Dark Heresy game this Friday.

Oh, and Batrep fans rejoice. We're doing on this Friday!

Aaaaand the Paint Fest this Saturday.

I'm trying to drop some LBs, the first time in my life I've been worried about weight and health. I'm turning 39 soon.

I left the studio around 9:00pm and I made this little 360.

When I got home the kids were already in bed. I was disappointed but it's my own fault for not working faster today. I downed a subway sandwich and a 1/4 litre of root beer on the way home, so no dinner. I'm finishing up an episode of Scrubs then it's off to bed.

Ah, and I still have some slots open in mid-March. I'd really like to get all of March set up before the end of February (in eight days).



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