Wednesday February 13 2008

Picture: Grey Knights in ivory armor L4. See the rest of the squad here.

The more things that are going on at the studio, the less I write in the Blog. It’s reversed.

Since I was up until 3am this morning (I was extremely wound up from Insane Tuesday) I slept in until like 9am.

Today was a lot calmer. The following projects are officially done:

  • Skaven 01 TB
  • Emperors Children 03 EB
  • Empire 03 JM
  • Daemonhunters 01 BC
  • Tzeentch 01 JS
  • Zombies 01 JC (pics still forthcoming)

I can tell when a project turns out well because I wish I could keep it! I really, really like those ivory armored Grey Knights and very well may have a set made up for the studio... especially since they fit in so well with Dark Heresy.

We've got a few new Painters at the studio. They are going through the grueling first three months, each project like a giant leaden medicine ball to the gut. I often compare it to this scene. I have no use anymore for artists who are not teachable. One of the principal qualities I look for is "beginner's mind". In the clip, Pai Mei says "this is the beginning"; that Uma was in a place where she could start her journey. I am certainly in the same boat; I am constantly learning new things from the artists. Joseph is some kind of savant who showed me an entirely different way of painting-- which he took from painting on canvas.

The buzz around the studio is about Dark Heresy. We're making characters this Friday morning. I am completely stoked and have a LOT of related projects in the works. I have ordered numerous extra copies which I intend to sell at a profit when they become scarce. I can't believe they discontinued the 40K roleplaying game rulebook. Beyond belief.

When I left the studio this afternoon it was snowing horizonatally; sticky, slashing snow that forms an icy crust when it hits the windshield. It was too dangerous to drive. When I got home, Tamie and Jonah left on a "mommy-son date" leaving me with Griffin and Kenna. It was like Lord of the Flies. I fell asleep on the couch, exhausted, and the kids just ran rampant. When I woke up Griffin had got out all the tools and "fixed" the dining table and smashed broccoli into the carpet.

Then, I actually managed to catch up on all the emails, and around midnight I am writing this.

Oh, and I'm booking projects for March now. The second week in March to be exact, so now's a good time to get your project on the docket. Still time to get it done before Adepticon.

I also might add that I have two armies in the studio for sale: Dragons of Moloch (chaos) and Lions Rampant (pushing, I think, 3500 pts).

Ooooh! And in other HUGE news, the L2 Urban Tau I put up on youtube recently are for sale... the giant 3,000 pointer. That's on the block for half price: $1150. If you do the math, it's like $850 worth of models. First come, first served.

Here's what's in it:

Tau Infantry L2 x88
Stealth Suits L2 x12
Drones L2 x32
Battle Suits L2 x19
Tau Tanks L2 x6
>> Extra Weapons L2 x36 (magnetized)
>> Extra Turrets for Tanks L2 x3 (magnetized)

Be sure to email me first if you're interested, to be sure I still have it.

I do plan on spending about three more hours on it, just checking for rough spots.



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