Thursday February 14 2008

Picture: a War Machine Menoth warjack; a Reckoner. This army was quite an unusual project and turned out very nicely. The artist spent a lot of time on these, an extra few working days. At least one of which he was down at the studio until midnight. We all learned a lot about how to paint from Joseph. I found out today that he is *not* a canvas painter. He just pulled all of this right out of his soul.
Hear my expert oration.
See the nearly 100 pics.

Another day in heaven.

The following two projects came through today:

  • Dark Menoth 01 JR
  • Vampire Counts 01 JC
The following projects were checked out and are expected to be finished in the next 4-5 days:
  • Chapter Masters 01 JS
  • Green Tyranids 02 JC

In March we're having a special on Zombies and Skeletons: a L2 paint job for $2.75 AND 31% off the retail cost of your models. You should be sure to ask for the special. See the first one hundred.

It snowed like twelve inches last night. That was fun to shovel. The world is very quiet when it snows. All sounds are absorbed into the snowpack.

Dark Heresy is coming! We are getting together tomorrow for character generation.

I have a few slots open for the March 4-11 Cycle for both assembly and painting. And the latter part of March is pretty wide open. Still not too late for Adepticon.



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