Saturday February 9 2008 My Cup Runneth Over

Picture: a custom Wave Serpent I painted in 2000. This is one of my much, much earlier armies. I was very proud of it. In fact, my new year's resolution for 2000 was to collect every army published at the time. I made it to eight armies. Some days I would get up at 3am to get in a few hours of work before heading out to my job (I would leave around 4:30am for the hour-long commute). I can't believe I did that for years on end. Anyhoo, see the other pics here.

Warning: almost no game-related material today.

Today was a perfect and wonderful day. I spent some time this afternoon working with one of our rookie painters (which is funny, because a "rookie" painter at BTP is what would be considered an experienced hobbyist painter). That was very rewarding.

Having wrapped up almost all the loose ends at the studio, I left for Wal Mart with my wife. But by the time we got there, the boys were asleep so I just stayed in the car with them. But by the time my wife got out, they were awake and wanted to go inside. Wal Mart is a magical place; wall to wall junk you mostly don't need. But they have a lot of good staple items at decent prices...

After that we went to a ward Valentines Day activity (for the Elders Quorum) and that was awesome! My wife and I realized what a great marriage we have. It's because we both have short memories and don't remember offenses more than ten minutes. I often say it's what it must be like if two mentally retarded people got married. It's like "what were we fighting about? I don't remember either. Say, let's grab some milk and cookies and go watch TV."

The kids got some late Christmas presents from their grandma including some slide whistles for the bathtub (they make tones according to how much water is in them) and the kids had a groovy old time with those. When all three of them are in the tub I call it "kid soup" and joke that I'm going to chop up some carrots and potatoes for the stew. And the water does look like a disgusting stew when they are done.

Now on to the good part: I got about a quater the way through the Dark Heresy book. It reminds me of old school RPGs what with all the charts and rolling. I'm eager to run an adventure, but I know how irresponsible that would be. Well, we'll see.



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