Saturday February 22 2008

It's Paint Fest day and we had seven people all painting down at the studio. I shot a couple vids of that.

We're gearing up for a Battle Report tonight. It won't be up until later tonight, maybe as late as Monday.

Roach Nids vs. Lions Rampant 1000 pts.

Get in da mood with this inspirational music.

I shot quite a bit of footage of the Dark Heresy game, but editing and splicing that it low on the priorities list. Let's just say it was disturbing and had everyone thinking about it afterwards. What happens when a normal family, on a farm, on a paradise world is corrupted by chaos? The last band of acolytes didn't do their job, and were merciful, and now a whole town has to be burned to the ground. It was grim. It was dark.

More to come.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds very cool. I love a rpg that makes people think, and makes a morale dilemma for the players. I can't wait for my book to come in. Thanks for the update on the game.



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