Thursday, February 7 2008 Feeling Blue

Picture: an Ultramarines Vindicator. See the rest here.

My day started at 2:30am. I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. So, I finished up posting the high elf display videos.

I crashed around 4:30am. Then up again at 7:00am to get Kenna off to school. I did the whole thunder run so Tamie could sleep in. Then I came home, almost cleared out the inbox, nearly. Then off to the local barber with my six-year-old son. This was an old school barber-pole-barber-shop with straight razors and neck-powder. After "Megan" finished trimming our manly heads of hair, we heard the sad news that Romney had dropped out of the race. I met several distraught Mormon-folk throughout the day.

After dropping the boy off at school, I headed into the studio where Heather was finishing up a huge High Elf army.

Then I headed to the MTC to translate Spanish. When I was done with my duties I headed out to the residence halls just to wander around. As I walked past the corner of a building, I saw a snow-covered pine tree where I had taken a picture of myself in 1990 before I headed to my two year mission to Chile. That sudden memory was like a lightning bolt. The MTC is quite a magical place.

Translating is tough work because you have to listen to someone in English in real time with no breaks. I'm getting a little better every week.

Man, it was a slow news day. Well, I've got a game tomorrow. I really wanted to use my IG, but I think I'm going to whip out the Dragons of Moloch. We're playing a 1500 point game. The mission is indeterminate.



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