Client Testimonial


I received my Empire and Witch Hunter armies last week. I have to say that you and your artists have forced me to reconsider how I view well-painted figures. By this I mean that I've been conditioned to think that a model has to be painted to the display standard shown on certain online catalogs. I was skeptical of your philosophy that figures need to look good on the table even if they show minor imperfections within 6-12".

Now that my armies have been unpacked, arranged, and battle-tested, I'm converted. The armies look absolutely gorgeous. More importantly, every step of the process in working with Bluetable has been professional, friendly, detail-oriented, and efficient. You did exactly what you said you would do, you did it on time, and you kept me informed throughout. I could not be happier and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends or to work with you again myself.

Please pass kudos along to your artists as well, who took their artistic license far enough to achieve great results without getting crazy.

On a side note, I have one more Empire mortar with crew that I'd like to send you to paint to match the rest of the army you did. Can I go ahead and send it along with instructions?

Best regards,

Ryan Hollingsworth



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