Monday March 17 2008

Picture: Orc Bust by Forge World. See more pics. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Fortunately, I put on my green shirt this morning.
Last night was pretty rough. I'm on some wicked anti-biotics and I spent like four hours actually sleeping. Wah.
I haven't update Youtube because I'm really in a funk. I just get home and lay on the couch. It's all right everything will be OK in the end. So, please excuse me. I'm still performing my full range of duties, never you worry. Your project will get taken care of.
This morning I got up bright and early, swept the drive and headed out for a walk. I had a banana for breakfast. Did you know those things are really good for you. It's like a power meal with a peel. Very nice creation.
In other good news I managed to plow two episodes of Stargate.
I'm making a Forge World order tomorrow. Two projects are coming up: a Marauder Destroyer and nine Broadsides. Very nice. I have a wishlist for FW as long as my arm.
Don't we all.
I heard from an old client in the SF Bay area (DW) and that was really a breath of fresh air. His project was one of the first things I did on commission: an Undead army. I don't think I have the pics for that any more. But I do remember that I took pics of it in my driveway (I started working in my garage).
It was a normal day, getting projects together, and keeping things flowing smoothly.
When I got home, my lovely wife had prepared the traditional St. Patrick's Day meal: cabbage and corned beef. It was delicious. For Family Home Evening we played Talisman with the kids.



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