Friday and Saturday March 1 2008

Picture: flashback to the "Tundra Nids". This happy fellow is a Carnifex.
See more pics here.
Download the cost sheet for Tyranids here.

A studio Tau army is going on the block soon.

Every day I go into the studio I think it’s going to be a breeze and it’s more like a hurricane. So much to get done.

Well, it was almost wrapped up by 4pm when we started our Dark Heresy game. We decided to just do a low-key session and look up every last rule as we went along in order to familiarize ourselves with the game.

After that I went to help Brenda move (the sister of one of my Home Teaching families).

This morning we headed out to Vernal for the baptism of one of my nephews. That was simple and beautiful. We spent the afternoon at the house of Tamie’s sister. They have a really nice place out there. Vernal is high, rolling desert, like out of a Western (in fact, many movies from the genre were shot out in Utah).

More details: I am a real bear on the road. I gripe about my wife’s driving, bark at the kids, and generally gripe and groan about every little thing. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I set my will to keep cool, it always melts down. My wife is the driver in the family. She has some kind of iron will that keeps her going.

Griffin loves transformers. He pretends to be any number of them. He wants me to “fly” him around. He gets an enormous grin on his face the whole time.

It was snowing on the pass on our way home and that was pretty scary. We finally got home around 1am.



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