Thursday March 27 2008 Snappin Pics

Picture: a Biel Tan Eldar wave serpent. Part of a duo.

This waking up at 3am thing is getting really old. Anyway, I have just completed the tenth season of Stargate and tried to watch Ark of Truth (the movie finale) last night but I just passed out on the couch. Then I gave it another run at 3am but only got like 30 minutes in.

I spent some time with my beloved wife watching American Idol and eating breakfast (banana and juice).

I think I've recently updated all projects, so just drop me a line if you don't know what's going on with yours.

When you see all the people at the studio (on Youtube) that's only the 10% of the time when artists are down to pick up and drop off projects. We hope to have a communal studio again someday!



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