Friday March 21 2008

Picture: Forge World Nurgle Dreadnought.

Still pics.

I was up at about 5am this morning, corresponding with clients. Sometimes I can't tell if my body has had enough sleep. I went for a walk.

The sky this morning as dawn came up from below the black bowl of the horizon a thousand miles away. It was like I was suspended in the winter air above a lake of dusky blue-- if it were any bluer it would have been pitch, and all around the charcoal fingers of trees as if reflected.

Well about 7am I crashed again and didn't get up until about 9pm. It was good.

The the Dark Heresy session from 10am to 1pm (my one "fun" thing all week. Oh yeah except running a painting studio).

Pretty much the usual after that. Just getting things ready for the coming week. I managed to clear out digital photography.

Still looking for a project for painting in mid-April. If you need us to acquire and assemble models we'd best get started right now.

I am still very stressed out. I can't say about what. Let's just say that this last few weeks I've had a convergence of things that have put my mind, body and soul to the test.


DarkElfGrrl said...

Stop teasing us Shaun and tell us what's bothering you. Your fans are concerned!!!

bluetablepainting said...

I can't really say specifically. I debated whether to say anything at all. But it seems duplicitous to just say how great things are all the time (which is really the majority-- I have a great life). I will say that it involves death, sickness and money. But none of it means that your projects will be late or that business is not chugging along. That's professionalism: the job gets done regardless of personal emergencies! I expect it of my crew and I expect it of myself.

Dannyboy9572 said...

Lately, I've stopped emailing Blue Table Painting, soley because most blog updates involve Shawn's personal life or what he eats. I'd much rather read daily updates from the artists that deal more with wargaming and painting tips. You should run a poll Shawn, based on what your fans would like to see.

Jay said...

You say whatever you want, Shawn. Its your blog!


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