Monday March 3 2008

Picture: an Inquisitor for the Sisters of the Argent Shroud army.

At last it's Monday! Thank goodness I can get back to work!

It was a typical day, getting projects ready for pickup tomorrow. I splurged and ordered a pizza (combo/garbage type). I got in a bunch of figures (like thirty) for the Dark Heresy game. I'm stoked about that.

For Family Home Evening we had the usual song/prayer/lesson then headed out to McDonalds Play Place for ice cream. The kids love that. So much for my diet. Heh.

Land of Lost Projects: the studio Orks have fallen by the wayside. They will probably get attention in April. Trollbloods are really on the back burner for the time being. All my effort is getting burned up by Dark Heresy.

Sorry, not much more to report.

1 Comment:

Todd said...

Ha! We did virtually the same exact thing for Family Home Evening.


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