Monday March 31 2008 Get it Set Up

Picture: A Penitent Engine, the sort of dreadnought of a Witch Hunters army. Not many people play this army and it is chock full of interesting models. See the rest here.

Download the spreadsheet and get your own Witch Hunters army going now.

I have a new guy on staff by the name of Alan. You've seen him in last week's Dark Heresy vids. He grew up in North Dakota and got his work ethic from working on a farm. It's been a pleasure working with him. He comes in part time to lighten my load doing this and that around the studio. Today I got to go home like three hours earlier than normal (ie a nine hour day at the studio instead of twelve hours!). That was real nice.

Back to work ethic: this solves everything. People with no work ethic are pretty much dead weight. So, that's the first thing I look for. Has the person ever really had to pull weight on anything long-term in their life?

I got my work ethic the summer of my Junior year when my mother announced that I had a full time job at the mill where she worked (sometimes double-shifts to make ends meet). Pardon my french, but I worked my ass off. That was the best thing she ever did for me. Then on my mission working 80 hour weeks. Then again after my daughter was born getting up at 4am every morning to get to work for years on end. Not to brag: I am generally a slacker when I can get away with it!

Everything is proceeding apace. We managed to get four projects through digital photography. A ton of stuff is incoming the next 48 hours.

Warning: if you have something that you need by Adepticon be SURE to check in with me.

I still have a few slots open at the end of April. Now is a good time to get that set up. Here's the basic information on how to set up a commission:


Thanks for your inquiry.
Here’s an introduction to the studio.

Getting a Quote
Attached is a spreadsheet outlining all costs of your project. Or you can download a generic sheet for your army

You have two options to get a quote:
A) Fill out the sheet yourself This spreadsheet will auto-calculate all costs associated with your commission. If you are providing and/or assembling your own models you will naturally zero out those totals.
B) Send a list of what you’d like done. What models need assembly? Cleaning? What models are you providing? What models would you like us to provide? I’ll send back a detailed quote.
C) Call me and I will set everything up over the phone with you. 801 372 8545.

We have several specials available. Only one can be applied.
1) Level 2—models can be given a basic paint job. Save 30% off painting.
2) Artistic License—we decide completely how a project is painted and based. Save 10% on painting.
3) Combine Level 2 and Artistic License. Save 35% off painting
4) Tank Factory—ten tanks painted for $400, assembled for $200. See below for details. Can be combined with Artistic License.

Scheduling a Project
This project will be scheduled officially for completion in 25-35 days. If you need your project for an event (like a tournament), please make that known, we can often accommodate that.

To schedule a project, we need the following things:

1) The models (or a list of models to be acquired).
2) A deposit as indicated on the Project Breakdown spreadsheet
a. Pay by phone with major Credit Card 801 372 8545
b. Pay via Paypal to
c. Pay by MO (see website
Service Guide for details)
3) The Instructions .doc sheet filled out and returned.

Terms of Service
I would recommend that you look over our
Service Guide . A common point of interest is the quality standard for our models. We also have a downloadable Levels Guide that explains exactly how it works.

Minimum Run Size
Generally speaking, Levels 2-4 are reserved for whole units of models or vehicles/monsters. Levels 5-6 are for individual hero types.

Contact Information
Also keep up to date with our Daily Blog: I keep that updated almost daily.

I’d be interested to know how you heard of Blue Table.

If you want to contact me for any reason:
Email at
Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
AIM ID is BTP_Shawn
ICQ ID is bluetablepainting ICQ number is 463862042
Phone number is (801) 372-8545
Facebook ID is bluetablepainting


PS- if you have any problem with the spreadsheet, just let me know—I can send the quote as in-line text.

Tank Factory Special
· $400 for painting ten tanks
· $750 for painting twenty tanks
· $200 for assembly of ten tanks

For this special we need some leeway with color scheme. A complicated pattern or type might cost more.

How fast can we get it done?
Generally, a 3-4 week turnaround. Unless you send the models, then that takes less time.

 Large tanks, like a Land Raider or Necron Monolith, count as two tanks.
 A Baneblade counts as three tanks. Assembly is $90—the Baneblade has something like 250 parts.
 Small tanks, like an Ork warbuggy, count as half a tank.
 Exposed crew, dozer blade, unusual upgrades, or set of chaos spikes count as a regular trooper, at $4 for painting, $2 for assembly.
 Tau Piranhas and Land Speeders count as regular tanks. They are smaller but are not less time-consuming to paint.



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