Wednesday March 19 2008

Picture: a Cadwallon Militia by Rackham. Rackham is a French company that produces some very, very nice figurines. Unfortuneately, their distribution in the US is not very reliable. But they are far and away some of the most exquisite figures ever. See more.

Yet again I didn't get through all the digital photography. Just to put your mind at ease, here is what is DONE and ready to get pics:

Deathguard 01 PE (almost done, should be Friday)

Menoth 12 GQ

Eldar 01 GS HQ

Praetorians 01 RJ

Ravenwing 01 JP

Space Marines 01 EO

Necrons 01 NG

Vorador (you know who you are)

What else? I've got three armies for sale (these prices for limited time only):
Dragons of Moloch $1200 (2300 pts of Chaos)
Tau Drones $600 (1500 pts of Tau)
Lions Rampant $1200 (3000 pts of Imperial Guard)
More later!



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