Tuesday February 4 2008

Picture: Chaos Knights of Tzeentch. They are for sale. Here are more pics. These are ancient-- I've literally been trying to sell them for years. Yes literally since 2005. It's a good set with some interesting conversion work.

The following projects are due to be completed in the next 5-10 days:

Ice Nids 01 JA
Hordes 05 JL
Falcons 02 MN
Heads 01 CH
War Machine 06 JL
Road Warrior Orc Trays (this has priority)
Ultramarines 05 TO
Tau 07 TO
Eldar 02 PM warp
Emperors Children 04 EB
Eldar 01 GS Harlequins (everything is in various stages, total completion by March 20)
High Elves 03 CA (delayed until now)
Daemonhunters 01 RK
Space Marines 01 EO
Lizardmen 01 JH
Vampire Counts 01 PB vorador
Tyranids 04 JC
War Machine 06 BF

It's going to be a big week. Some projects are bound to be late.

The following projects are in digital photography-- I couldn't get around to them tonight (my wife is out gallavanting around with her sister and I'm home watching the kids).

  • Fictional Reality 03 MT

  • Tau 02 MN

  • Vampires 02 DF
We've got a wedding coming up this week, and so the whole week's schedule is revolving around that. Tamie's brother Eric is finally getting hitched.

Today was a good day. I ordered another garbage pizza. Sweet.

Today I got in a TON of figures for my Dark Heresy game. I'm super stoked.

Also, got in some Wood Elf specialty hero models.



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