Saturday March 15 2008

Picture: a winged Hive Tyrant.

Hey all.

Still alive and kicking. Most of the pics are back up on the website (I lost about 7% of the albums when the website went down).

Be assured that everything is running smoothly.

Today I went to the studio to work on a super top secret project-- possibly the most complicated terrain project ever.

I came home "early" at 6pm and basically hung out with the kids and watched like five episodes of Stargate. I crashed on the couch then woke up around midnight, ready to go. Except now it's time to go asleep again.

It's been a loooong week.


Darkmolerman said...

Yay a stargate fan! Also the for sale pics are down, just so you know

Anonymous said...

So when do we find out what the "super top secret terrain project" is?

Blue Table Painting said...

You'll see it mid-April. I'm taking vids and what-not of it. I should clarify: most difficult terrain project *for me*.


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