Tuesday March 25 2008

Picture: a Terminator from the Dragons of Moloch. It's a studio army, 230o points and for sale for $1200. You know you want it.

This here is a hi-larious 40K web comic. If you haven't heard of it, you're really missing out.


The following projects are under the brush this cycle (March 25-April 1):

Winter Elves 01 DB (ongoing, about half done)
Angry Goats 01 (ongoing, about a third done)
Deathwing 04 MD
Orcs 01 CF
Necrons 01 CS
Stormwing 01 ML
Deathwing 01 RJ Belial
Eldar 01 GS Display
Fantasy Figures 03 PM
Eldar 01 GS Basing
Genestealer Cult 01 TC
Eldar 03 CW
Dwarfs 03 KO

Last night was really weird. It was like three hours sleeping, two hours awake. Bizarre. I don't like it. It's messed up. What's wrong with me?

I spent part of the day in various meetings with businessmen and 'women working on smoothing out my operation.

Renn and Alan were in the terrain room working on some Eldar terrain, which you can't see yet, it's a surprise.

The big news of the day: Tamie's best friend, Tonya, was in a car accident and is paralyzed from the neck down and will probably not make it. Many years ago in the pacific rim she was bitten by a cobra which created an avalanche of life long health problems. So, she was not doing so well even before this. Tamie was a wreck talking about how the husband was doting on her and taking care of her. It was a tender scene.

So, that meant I had to come home early and pick up the kids from school and take care of them during the afternoon. Which of course means telling the kids in a stern voice to get along and only come see me if there's blood spurting more than a foot. Hey, I've got work to do!

Right this instant I'm watching Chowder with the kids. I love that show. Hilarious. Oh, and Storm Hawks is pretty awesome.



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