Saturday March 8 2008 Eric and Elizabeth's Wedding

Today was the wedding of my wife's brother, Eric. In my wife's family there are three sisters (I call them "the Furies") and the little brother. So, at long last he is married.

That's why I was completely incommunicado on Saturday. I apologize for not warning you. If you are waiting on a response from me, I plan on catching up on Monday (and Tuesday).

The wedding was simple an beautiful. My daugher, Kenna, was a flower girl. She was brilliant; all in white with that little basket of flower petals. Afterwards we had a dinner and a dance. I danced with all the ladies (the older ones, not the young, hot wives) and of course my own eternal bride. What I lack in skill I make up for in enthusiasm.

I gave a toast. That went better than I thought it would. It was an audience participation toast-- the batman theme (ie na na na na na, batman!), except instead of "batman" it was "wed-DING!" I thought it would be completely retarded, but it went over well. Then the serious part.

After a night in a lodge bed (we stayed the night up at "The Homestead" in Midway) I felt like someone had hit me in the back with a 20 lb sledge. But there was an immense spread of unbelievable food in the main building. In all it was great experience and I got to meet a ton of new people.

Early Sunday morning we got news that Tamie's grandma Ernie passed away (she had colon cancer). I didn't think it would affect me, but I ran from the room sobbing and collapsed in the lodge kitchen. Well, that's how it goes with me. I'm not very good at goodbyes. It hits me like a whallop then I'm done.

Note: no need to send condolences or anything. Just give someone you love a big hug, if you must do something.

As a side note: my mother-in-law is really great. Stereotypes aside she stays out of our business and is only extremely helpful when asked. She has three great skills: cooking, sewing and singing. And we say that each of the three daughters inherited one of those things. I got the "cooking" daughter (the eldest) so I think I got the better lot. You can't eat a song! HAHAHAHAHA!

I even shot some clips. Here's the first of them (I'll be uploading more throughout the afternoon):

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Todd said...

That's a cool looking Wedding Cake and all, but seriously - you should have snuck over and placed a Khorne Berserker on top of it.


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