More Bang for your Bug- March Special

[As of late in the evening, March 8, there is only ONE slot open for this]
This is a limited special, geared to the Tyranid player that has an unpainted army.

Tired of playing "Hive Fleet White Primer"?

I have two "whole army" slots open, one for the March 18-25 cycle (2008) and another for the March 25-31 cycle.

If you can get the models to us by March 17 or March 24, respectively, we can get them done right away. If you need assembly, the models would need to be in eight days earlier than those dates.
This does not need to be for just Tyranids! You can grab those spots for an army besides Bugs, BUT the special price is only for Tyranids. In a perfect world you would send an already assembled army for L2 painting, masses of them even. But any project is all right.

This is for Artistic License. We get to pick a reasonable color scheme. You can make requests, though.

Costs are as follows:

$2.00 for painting a L2 gribbly (gaunt, gargoyle, ripper swarm, spore mine, etc.)

$3.00 for painting a L3 gribbly

$8.00 for painting a L3 medium gribbly (tyrant guard, tyranid warrior, zoanthrope, etc.)

$32.00 for painting a L3 large gribbly (carnifex, hive tyrant)

We'll only do the infantry stuff at L2 for this one.

Contact me at if you are interested. Please send a complete list of what you have, what needs to be done EXACTLY, and when you can get the models/deposit in.

Two slots. First come first served.



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