Fire, Hate, and Darkness

Picture: a model NOT painted by BTP, but by "snotling". See the rest of the army here.

I found this great Chaos Dwarf site and came away completely inspired. This post is to pitch the idea of making a commissioned chaos dwarf army.

I've always been a fan of Chaos Dwarfs, a warhammer fantasy army that is little-seen and insanely hard to create.

The original pewter models are discontinued. You can't even get them via bitz order. They are gone, gone. Even very rare to see them on eBay. But there are a few devout who will create them from scratch, sculpting and base plastics. This is the way I would do them. I've got a few guys on staff that are perfectly capable of doing the needed sculpting.
I am supremely confident that we can do work of the calibre you see on the above-mentioned site (with our own techniques and twists, of course). For example, the Bull Centaurs are a tricky proposition, but I feel confident we could get them out of these "Longriders" by privateer press.
This is a start. This project is not likely to be less than $2000-3000 for everything included. What I'm talking about here is to make a masterwork army. If you'd like to make some inroads here, just email me at with your army composition and ideas and we'll get something unique created.
Serious inquiries only!



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