Friday October 31 2008 Orange Monster

Picture: More Tau battlesuits.

First off, I'm still booking projects for November.

Now is the time to graduate from Fan to Client. If you love BTP you need to put us to work. Every week is a fight for survival.

There is still one slot open of the Armored Strike Force special, and two slots open for the Thousand Points special:

I am offering 35% off on cost of models for the next three armies booked (assuming you get the models through us-- an army is at least 1000 pts).

I am also extending the Evil, Hungry and Dead special: 25% off on painting if you give us Artistic License for a Tyranids, Necrons, Undead (of any stripe), Cryx, or Legion.

Combining these two is a real deal. I have a la carte price guides available on request. These are spreadsheets where if you plug in the numbers of each model it will calculate a total for you.

Now on to the day. I was up early as usual. I had one of my favorite treats: English Muffins with a thick slab of peanut butter and home-made apricot jam with a side of a tall frosty glass of milk.

My wonderful wife got the kids in their costumes and off to school. As I may have mentioned, she hand made them all from scraps and various other items. Quite impressive.

I got to work bright and early, but didn't beat Sarah to it. She was locked out for a little bit-- I had to call the accountants upstairs and have them open a critical door. We got to work straightaway; checking in with clients, unpacking, packing and so forth.

I had the fun privilege of spending a half hour at the post office writing checks for the various and sundry taxes that "eat out our substance" (re: declaration of independence), and paying an accountant a hefty sum to sort it all out for me (since a common free-man can't decipher the tax code without a degree and special training).

I have an Iyanden army on the block (or soon to be). I am still sorting it all out. You can see it here. It doesn't include the Avatar, though. Email me for details

I also have an Imperial Guard and Chaos Space Marines army on the block. You can get a group deal on those.

I arrived home a bit early and crawled downstairs and passed out from exhaustion while watching the Colbert Report. My young son soon joined me, also sleeping on the couch. As the sun was sinking we put on our costumes.

One small problem: part of my costume was a long riding coat. I am near-deathly allergic to horse dander/hair, so I was pretty labored of breathing by the time we got home. Couldn't figure out why until Tamie put two and two together. The coat was borrowed from someone who rides horses in it.

Trick or treating was quite a delight. It was perfect weather-- the kids didn't have to wear coats over their costumes. The fall leaves, shooting the momentary breeze with neighbors and the three kidlings, cute as bugs and full of wonder. We made out like bandits.

Once home, it was baths/showers all around, then lazily watching Bridge to Terabithia. I thought the kids would be bored by it but they really liked it.

I don't talk much about it, but there are hideous pressures and stresses to own a business. I can't go into detail, but it's more than a human should bear. I am hoping for equilibrium by the end of this year. With a lot of hard work, I think it can happen.

Having said that, let me tie it into Mormon Cosmology. Earth life is a time to learn. There is no avoiding trials. I must taste the bitter to know to prize the sweet. No way around it. But things can't be all bitter. As trials go, I think I have it pretty light: manageable money problems. It's way better than other types such as health problems or marital strife. In fact, every part of my life is nothing short of a paradise: my family is healthy, my soul is at rest, my marriage is strong, and I absolutely love the people I work with. Each item has been a struggle. There have been bitter and terrible sacrifices.

I have a profound sense like my life is coming together.



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