Monday October 20 2008 Wheels Turning

Hey all. I express my deep appreciation for those that come here to read about the life of a man and a studio.

Blue Table Painting is now booking projects for November. We can start on your project straitaway.

I awoke not knowing what time it was. I was dismayed to find that it was 3am. My mind churning about various problems, I started getting the work of the day done. By 5:30am I collapsed again, having eaten an early breakfast.

I got up again at 8am, the kids already well, late to go to school. Griffin came down and I put on his favorite cartoon. He snugged with me on the couch for a while. He's the apple of my eye. He is in constant motion.
I awoke the two older children and started them getting dressed and going for school. I drove them to school and headed to the office.
I found Sarah already at the studio, with a veritable mountain of packages ready to be shipped out. We hit the ground running, getting everything organized. I picked up some cheap chinese food for lunch and then pretty much plowed through at the desk all day long.
About eight packages came in, but we were not able to get them unpacked.
If you have a project that is time-sensitive, please contact me right away (unless you have heard from me in the last 36 hours). I am getting things sorted out, and the schedule is shaping up nicely.
I have the rest of my Dark Elves in the studio now and I plan on painting them up over the next two weekends: 15x Dark Riders, Sorceress on Steed, Master on Cold One, 15x more Black Guard, 2x Bolt Throwers. This will actually bring it close to 2000 pts. I am looking forward to two games in early November. At long last we'll have some action with Warhammer Fantasy.
Don't worry, we'll still be doing plenty of 40K. Oh, and if I have my way we'll have a War Machine demo coming up.
My current goal, on which I am focused like a laser beam, is to get rid of debt. I would sell all painted models that the studio owns at $0.38 cents on the dollar if I found a buyer. If you are interested, let me know. This includes all painted figures, a veritable treasure trove of "daddy's personal stash", all the terrain, and any useful kits including some Forge World kits, too.



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