It was with much delight that my wife and I headed down to the polling station in Spanish Fork. We had our three-year old son with us. We were dismayed on arrival by the enormous line. But we decided to stick it out.

I had a good friend come by to pick up the toddler and bring us drinks, and some icewaters for the various old ladies about to faint from exhaustion.

As usual, I was loud and obnoxious and embarrassed my wife. Heh.

It took over an hour to get to the front of the line. I had my Dark Elves book with me. The bespectacled lady checking my ID said (in a Twilight Zone moment) "You play Dark Elves? I play Empire." Evidently her whole family are avid warhammer players. That was great, I hope they get in touch with me!

As for voting, it was a thrill.



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