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Guess I won't be fleshing out my Lizardmen army! This is all lifted from

2nd wave Orks
Plastic Gretchin, Stormboys, Nobz, plastic Battlewagon.

Plastic Stegadon to be availiable as a rare, special and mount option. Up to nine said to fieldable in one list. New kroxigors.

Stompa and one or more Baneblade variants (Stormlord and/or Shadowsword, possibly others).

Imperial Guard
Plastic Stormtroopers, Valkyrie, Russ variants, more.
2nd Wave Daemons
Plastic Daemon Prince, new Seekers, rest of the named Daemons, possibly generic daemons and a Battleforce

All the stuff reported here.

Dark Eldar
New range by Jes Goodwin, Codex by Phil Kelley. End of the year, possibly bumped even later to make sure the army is done correctly.

Rumors brought to the community by Warseer's Brimstone and MoonlightSonata

Hi all, there is some Necron Scuttlebutt floating about out there.

Early word is that Necrons may be slated for the Q2-09 40k release slot. There is another codex scheduled ahead of them but there is conflicting data on what it is (currently bouncing around between IG, Space Wolves, Dark Eldar). The info reported so far is:

Removal of the C'tan from the Codex as fieldable units (they are still in the fluff).
The C'tan are to be moved over to Apocalypse where they will make an appearance as much more powerful single figures (possibly with attendant new oversized Forgeworld minis).

The big new HQ replacement for them will be entirely new tiered-level Necron Lords. Read the Apocalypse Necron background page for insight into what may be coming, but there is talk of Bronze, Silver, Gold, possibly even Platinum Lords.

Lords are said to have multiple special abilities and options, and certtain levels of Lords may re-arrange the Force Org chart for certain units, making different army builds possible. An example of an option was an advanced necrodermis, allowing the Lord to mimic his C,tan masters (and conveniently allow for the use of the existing C'Tan minis).
There will be Necron Lord named characters.

The rest of the army is described as getting a small number of new units, and having several existing units rearranged by Force Org category.

In general, the Necron army is desribed as being somewhat "buffed".



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