Warhammer Fantasy Coming Up

Picture: one of my personal armies, which I created right around 2002. I took this to a tournament in Sacramento (?), California. This is the only Warhammer Fantasy army I had any success with.
Tomb Kings are a very forgiving army, and easy to paint, but also with good opportunity for detail (eg the shields). I recommend them for a beginning Warhammer Fantasy player.
The game itself is considerably more complicated and hard to master than 40k, probably triple the amount of complexity. This isn't undue.
As you probably know, I've started a little insurrection at the studio, getting people on board for some Warhammer Fantasy. We're starting at 1500 pts. I'm working on my Dark Elves, which I code-named Ice Elves. No real reason for that.
Today, I got in some more Black Guard, which are going to be my one and only massive block of infantry. They are stubborn and so will make a good anvil for the hammer.
This doesn't mean there still won't be plenty of action for 40K. I'm keen on getting up some Batreps that don't have me in them.



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