Tuesday October 21 2008

Picture: a band of ferocious Orcs. These are from a game called Confrontation. They are one of about a hundred new items I'm putting up for sale in the coming days (unless I get a mass buyer). It's out with the old and in with the new! PS- there is actually an eighth orc with this one.

If you want to buy anything from the BTP for sale section you can also email me and set up Paypal. I do bulk deals and combined shipping.

I've decided that the wargaming content on this blog is seriously lacking. Time to step it up a notch.

I am booking projects for November. At this stage, projects can get near-immediate attention. I am very sad to have idled two painters. It's not helping that the media is running around and screaming the end of the world (unless it really is!). Oh wait, I'm doing that, too.

At this moment I am typing wearily. I just put the kids to bed, and I can hear them chirping and thumping like gerbils in their rooms. There is an apple core mashed into the carpet, and piles of unfolded laundry in stacked white baskets. I am nursing a tall and frosty glass of OJ.

At the studio today we unpacked all sorts of packages, and I got the painters set up with various projects for the week. Now, there are a few stragglers. I will be working on those tomorrow.



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