Paint Fest October 2008

Picture: Imperial Guard chimera, the standard troop transport. See more pics.

My little camera ran out of batteries during Paint Fest today. For those not familiar, this is a chance for BTP artists, and some locals to meet and paint and talk and trade tips.

The day started early. Sarah and I were clearing up some basics at the studio-- getting packages going. I brought my young three-year old son with me to give mommy some breathing room for an hour or so. I took him across the street to he gas station store to get some gummy sharks, his favorite. When he's chawing on one of those, riding up on my shoulders, in the clear morning air, he's king of the world.

I packed up my paints, some Dark Elves and headed over to Angela's house. A respectable home in the suburbs, in what used to be farmland on the east edge of town.

Imagine a large dining room with a hardwood floor. There are a half dozen tables set up. One by one, people with food and paints show up. It's a smorgasbord of different models and projects. Models are passed around, and every now and then pods gather around a particular person to see a new technique or color combination.

We had barbeque: steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs; and dutch oven potatoes, carrots, and onions. Swilled down with a ton of soda. It's good american fare. This is lunch, and later, dinner.

Renn is working on his Orks, and they are progressing slow but steady. He is really becoming quite an accomplished painter, too. I told people to bring models down to get pics, so you will likely see some of those later.

As the day lazily winds down, the hostess falls asleep on the couch, and one by one the paint kits are slotted into boxes and bins and hauled out to the car. The night air is icy cold and blowing strong off the himalaya-like mountains. It's supposed to snow in the valley this weekend.

I made some significant headway on my Dark Elves. Here's how my list is shaping up:

2x sorceress on dark steed
1x hydra and handlers
19x black guard
15x dark riders
1x hero type on foot
5x cold one knights
1x cold one chariot
1x hero type on cold one
2x reaper bolt throwers
6x harpies (converted flying spider demons)
1x assassin

I think that's about it. I doubt this is less than 2000 points. We've decided to play some Warhammer Fantasy down at the studio. It's a done deal, I've already put it into motion. My army is about a third painted already.

I don't have any pics, but I really agonized over the color scheme and finally came up with something that worked-- pale blue-green almost glowing armor with everything else dark. Today I tried again to use Joseph's techniques with odd color blending (ie using almost every color without it looking like puke) with a lot more success. Overall, I'm happy with how they look. But it's hard to tell until the army is all together.

The problem with Dark Elves is that they are... dark. There's not much opportunity for light/dark contrast. The army tends to all have one value, and there aren't many options. Hopefully I found a way around that.

I also have a great idea for an Eldar army color scheme. Really off the beaten track but still within the genre. Like the ghost warriors were. I'm trying to scrounge up models right now. No, I'm not going to tell you any more.

Anyway, I have a game set for November 9th with Mike Dunn. It will be 1500 points, Dark Elves vs Orcs, every last model painted up real nice. Today, we all went around and claimed armies. That's the best part, if you ask me.

I remember in 1997 how a few of my 40K buddies came by with grins on their faces and a Warhammer Fantasy book. I claimed High Elves, and the others Undead and Skaven. That was the beginning of the troubles (eg starting my game shop, up to present day).

I thank you, noble reader, for giving our company support and goodwill. I have no illusions: it is by the good graces of our kind clients that we exist from month to month. My heart and strength go out to young readers, whose minds are passing through electrical storms. Keep your chin up!



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