Sunday October 5 2008 General Conference

Today was general conference, which I like because we get to stay at home. We record it an watch at our leisure throughout the day.
It has been raining on and off the last few days and today the clouds broke and the sun made pools of water glitter. On the near and looming mountains, the rainclouds tenuously clung with their cotton-like fingers, then let loose to flee into the distant west.
I took two walks with the boys last night, in the rain, with our hoods drawn tight, Jonah poking around in the flowing gutter for worms, and Griffin on my shoulders with the flashlight beam dancing about our path.
And I took another walk this morning, inhaling deeply rain-cleansed morning air.
During the course of general conference the various things plaguing my mind were completely laid to rest. I feel a deep and abiding sense of peace. I know now what I should do.
As many of you know, I am sort of in a "rage against the machine mode", but now I think I am seeing more clearly: I should calmly go about my business and make sure my own life is right. Win the war, so to speak.
For any that care to look them up, the most meaningful talks (for me) were by Boyd K. Packer and Thomas S. Monson (see link above).



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