Sunday October 19 2008 Beautiful World

Hello all. I really have been slacking in my duties of maintaining the blog. I suppose I've been putting my efforts into the Morning Show.

This morning I took a walk around the neighborhood and put the macro on the camera to take pics of what I thought was beautiful. A little Photoshop and they turned out all right. I tried to get some shots of the multitudinous bees on various flowers but they absolutely would not cooperate.

The lens doesn't seem to capture what I see. I look at a tree turning yellow, wind shaking the leaves and I see a cloud of boiling amber, like something from another world. Not all the time, but there are moments...

Step by step, things are getting better, inside and out. Song of the Day.

For breakfast I had two English muffins with peanut butter and apricot jam, a quarter pound of bacon and a giant glass of frosty OJ. I settled down with the Chaos Daemons 40K codex and an episode of Stargate Atlantis and enjoyed an hour of peace with everyone else asleep.

At 10am the EQ presidency came over and we went over upcoming events, people in need, visits to make and so forth.

Then it was off to church. I recall many years ago it was an almighty chore just to get the single toddler ready. Tamara and I spent like two hours going over it. Now, with three kids, it seems so natural and easy. Well, not easy. It seems to get a little smoother every time. It helps that the two older kids can take care of themselves for the most part. Jonah tries to comb his own hair and the result is often quite comical.

I found everything to be quite uplifting and enlightening. Griffin is getting sick of nursery. I think he's getting a little old for it. Well, soon enough he'll be in Sunbeams. I'm grateful for church. I'm good friends with many people in the neighborhood that I wouldn't otherwise even know the first thing about.

As for the afternoon, all I can say is Blessed Day of Rest! I waited on Tamie, getting her whatever she wanted, and playing with the kids to keep them our of her hair. I also took a walk with the kids in the cool of the evening.

Tamie and I are watching an episode of CSI.

Some old, same old.

As usual, I would like to give an uplifting word to you, o reader (and you sure deserve it if you go this far!). Keep your chin up. The best is yet to come.

A Thought

Religion and politics should be discussed more. But I've decided not to bring up either today. Except to express this one thought: I am sometimes asked if I'm religious. I think that everyone believes in something, and perhaps just doesn't realize it, or doesn't categorize it as such.

A) The universe is a vast, cold, indifferent place where man has no more significance than an insect.
B) The universe is a wondrous and complex place, created by the Almighty and the soul of man has vast and significant place within it.
C) I don't know and I'm not doing much to find out.

All of these are statements of belief by my reckoning. Or at least perhaps a foundation for action.

Back to my walk around the neighborhood. Think of three cities, each where 100% of the inhabitants believe one of those three things. How do you think each city will look? How will the inhabitants behave? How will they govern themselves?

Well, I won't go any further than that.

As usual I am voraciously downing several books. While I was at the Halloween party at Josephus's house, I borrowed a few books. The First 2000 years, and An Enemy Hath Done This. Subject? You guessed it; religion and politics. As well as of course the various army books that I'm brushing up on.

I'm interested in hearing the discoveries of other politiconauts such as myself. I like it when people send me links so I can see different points of view.



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