Various Deals and Armies

Picture: a Monk by Reaper. This was one of my much, much earlier models and I was always pleased about how he turned out.

I'm still booking projects for November. Now's a great time to get that started.

Here's a brief overview of various deals and things I have going on:

  • Ork army (about 1500 points of various figures- get a good deal on cost of models; uh, I'm not even sure what's in there right now)
  • Studio Imperial Guard army (over 3000 points, normally $2600, now $1800) see below for details in a video
  • Talos Nids studio army (1000 points of L2 Tyranids for $289) see below for details in video
  • Dragons of Moloch studio army (2200 pts of Chaos Space Marines for $950) see some pics here. Some.
  • Trollbloods (half off on materials if you commission them-- see below for details)
  • Lizardmen (40 skinks, 1 Salamander/handlers, 4 skink heroes from my personal stash in yellow and turquoise, L3 for $199)
  • Horde of Goblins (80 various goblins from my personal stash, L2.5 for $329 that's $4 each)
  • Emperors Hawgs (at least 2000 points of fast attack marines, in a leeegal list, super deal on cost of models if you commission them-- White scars most likely)

Trollbloods are as follows:
1x box champions
5x longriders
1x Earthborn Dire Troll
2x Thumpers
1x Winter Troll

Cost for materials: $125 (this is the reduced price)
Cost for Assembly $110

Choose one for painting:
Cost for painting at L4: $360
Cost for painting at L3: $260
Cost for painting at L4 with Artistic License: $320
Cost for painting at L3 with Artistic License: $230

They need a Warlock of course, and maybe some fleshing out.

Check this out, Brigh made this for an oddball piece, but I thought this sort of thing would make awesome Wraiths for an Vampire Counts army. We're doing up a few just for kicks (use in D&D game).



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