Saturday October 4 2008 Dark Pact

Picture: a Nurglified tank.

Now booking projects for November. Contact me at for a quote, questions or ideas!

What people most want to know is how much does it cost? You can get a la carte pricing here.

However, you can get a ballpark really easy: an army costs between $0.50 and $1.00 per point. Quality, army type and a ton of other factors can make it go higher or lower. So, a 1,000 point army usually costs $500-1000. That is for everything included.

If you provide your models it's about $0.40 to $0.70 per point. So, $400-700 to assemble and paint a 1000 point army.

If you provide your models assembled, it's about $0.25 to $050 per point just for painting. So, $250 to $500 usually to paint a 1000 point army. This is usually the amount of money your army cost to begin with.

This is only meant as a guide to get a ballpark estimate. It doesn't work for smaller armies than 1000 points. Email me for an exact quote.

You can get the price down to the lower end by a multitude of specials that I have going:

  • Save $0.50 per model (about 7%) on painting by a run of identical models 50+
  • Tank factory (discount on 10+ runs of tanks)
  • Artistic License (give us control over your basing and color scheme is 10% off on painting)
  • Level 2 (basic paint job is 30% off on painting cost)
  • Combine AL and L2 (35% off on painting)
  • Let me pick your army! (extra 5% off on cost of materials)
  • Trade in models to bring the cost down (Warning! I don't offer much!)
Basically, if you aren't too picky you can get your army pretty inexpensively.

On the other hand, you can get the price up by:
  • Having us do the models at a higher level (50% more on painting cost to increase all Levels by ONE)
  • Do loads of conversions and sculpting
  • Make a display board
  • Magnetize loads of options

In short, Blue Table is extremely flexible. I really want to help you get your army painted and on the table.

The white horde from Primer Mountain. If you know someone with two armies that he hasn't painted for years, there's no reason he couldn't have had us whip them out at L2. It's easy as pie to get a commission set up.

Last idea: a lot of times you can get an army reallly cheap on eBay that is already assembled. You can send it to the studio, allow us to do a little refurbishment and paint it up. This can be a very, very inexpensive alternative.

Like this Tyranid Army. We could paint that up for $800 (you pick everything, painted wargamer standard L3), $600 (L3 but we pick color scheme), or $490 (L2 and we pick color scheme). And I might add that's one huge tyranid army, probably pushing at least 2500 pts.

Or this Insanely Huge Tau Army. What makes these such good deals is that they are already assembled.

Another day is passed...

I woke first in the household this morning. It was raining. So, I put on my hooded black coat and went out for a walk. I grew up in Oregon. I love the rain. My mind is clear when the clouds are overhead, but today my mind was distracted with money and business. It's a constant burden. I wish I had peace. But now the only choice is to find peace and strength while the shells are whizzing overhead.

It's general conference this weekend, and we have it on all the radios and recording it on TV.

We finished up our climactic D&D session today. Raining outside, chinese food, good background music and good friends for some D&D is really a bit of paradise. It was the climactic battle at the end of the horned hold against a drow priestess. It was pretty swell. Only one casualty, though. We have a great dedicated group, all workers at BTP. We have sort of a dream D&D game: always tons and tons of new miniatures (all my personal stash) and great terrain. And each player is an accomplished modeller and miniatures painter, so every character has a fabulous painted figure.

Mike's Warlock, Damakos, died hidously, swarmed by two Nephilim demons. I'm going to start dumping my home brew D&D stuff on the website in case anyone is interested.

Once home I cradled the lovely faces of my children for a moment, to look at how beautiful they are and we ate the rest of the chinese food (dumplings and sweet/sour chicken). Then the afternoon session of General Conference (link below).

Insight: I need to get a planner. I used to plan out my day a lot better, especially as a missionary. Now, I just sort of take things as they come and try to get my Inbox clear at the end of the day. It's worked pretty well so far, but I think that I could make the business and my family life a lot better through planning.



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